I’m offering on-line lessons for all levels of ability. The on-line method allows you to learn as fast as you possibly can. This way of learning enables you to focus on the most important aspects for you. We can even walk through your current project and solve any problems whilst also developing many new skills. This online method enables full flexibility in what you learn based on your needs maximising the skills you’ll gain.

Program mode price/h (tax incl.)
Sketchup on-line 40.00€
V-ray on-line 50.00€

The content of my lessons is based on my experience gathered working in architectural businesses as a 3D artist / Visualizer. The knowledge which I’m sharing is practical and exactly what you need to render out high quality images. I know that sometimes it can be difficult to remember all the information learnt during one lesson which is why I have prepared a pdf file with examples for each lesson to aid your learning.